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This Mean Bitch Blonde Milf in Lingerie Facesits Her Employee While She Works [video]

This mature MILF with nice boobs and sexy lingerie isn’t happy with normal office-dynamics. She loves to take full control despite being the boss anyway! One of her male subordinates is really going to become her subordinate today as she face sits on him while she works.

facesitting milf in the office

Her sexy pussy needs licking and he is the only one around to do that job. I don’t think she was that impressed though because she soon took further punishment on him by standing on him while wearing her black stockings.

If you like hotties facesitting and other femdom related pics and videos you should check out the site this is from. Click the pic to go to a page with the videos.

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Sexy Blonde Facesitting While Naked

Mean Bitches is one of my favorite sites for two good reasons. Firstly they only have the hottest babes (everything from 18 year old teens to sexy mature MILFs) and the girls know how to dominate their guys. Like this example.

mean bitches facesitting

This sexy MILF got naked and decided she wanted her pussy licked out – so she got on top of this guy and made it happen. I think he loves being forced to lick her pussy (and she makes sure he eats it out real-nice!).

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[Video] Blonde MILF Sits On His Face and Gets Eaten Out Like She Wants It

I have a special place in my heart for hot blonde milfs like this one. This one in particular is in charge and has her ‘victim’ for the day. She knows exactly how she wants to be eaten out – and today that is by her facesitting on him. She loves the way it feels and loves the power it gives her over her man.

face sitting pussy worship

This MILF is a good example of the hotties you can find on Shes The Boss. They have filled it up with loads of photos and videos of the hottest face sitting and other femjom related content. I especially do love their selection of matures on there. They must definitely have a demanding interview selection because every girl on their site looks like a complete natural at taking charge of their men.

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Sexy MILF Lady Forces Guy Naked Then Facesits Him

I think this is the fantasy of MANY men. Have a super sexy older mature lady arrive to your hotel room while she is dressed up all sexy. Then she forces you to endure her ass while she face sits on top!

facesitting bitch from shes boss

This set is from a site called Shes Boss. Probably won’t take you long to realise that this site is about hot women, babes and MILFS taking charge. Check it out! Click the photo above to see more photos from this facesitting set.

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Hot Blonde MILF Sits On Guys Face

I’ve got another gallery today from Beneath Her. She is blonde, has big boobs and looks like she is having fun while face sitting this guy. He She forced him to get naked – while she got naked too. But they weren’t having naked sex- nope, just naked facesitting!

hot blonde sitting on his face

His face is right under her as she smothers him with her ass and pussy. She demands that he licks and worships her pussy – and it looks like he is doing a good job. Click the pic to see a gallery with more pics of this guy getting smothered by her ass!.

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Cute MILF Facesits a guy while she wears her panties – he loves her panties on his face

This milf (borderline milf – still a milf but not very mature. A young milf!) is wearing some sexy panties and has her submissive guy lay under her while she face sits him. They are doing their face sitting acts on her sofa. He looks scared but I bet he is loving it. She loves to make him the submissive one and force him to face sit. She knows how to face sit too – none of this crappy face sitting/squatting. SHE USES HIM!

face sitting cute milf while she wears black panties and stockings

Have you ever imagined being face sat by a hot babe while she wears panties? Want to smell her pussy through her wet panties as you are being forced to have her ass sit on top of you while you’re helpless? Imagine you are this guy then! I don’t know if she realises it but she is so hot in these photos!

topless milf wearing panties face sitting a guy

She is wearing her stockings and panties and making sure this guy gets his face right under her. This is what face sitting should be all about – hot milfs using their submissive guys. You gotta see the videos on They have the milfs like this really face sitting on their guys.

topless milf wearing panties face sitting a guy

The guy below this face sitting milf has his entire face in her ass with her thongs/panties right on him. I bet he loves it !!

click here to see a gallery with more of this milf and her submissive guy

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Hot Milf Smothers Guy from

These photos are from one of the best face sitting and smothering sites out there – Beneath Her. It deals with face sitting and also face smothering. They have loads of models – including this hot MILF. She seems like a total bitch that knows what she wants – and she’ll get it!

facesitting milf smothering guy

She is taking control of this guy – by any means necessary. She loves to humiliate and use this guy exactly as she pleases. Its all about the control she has and the submission the guy has. You know she just loves to smother his face in her boobs.

facesitting milf smothering guy puts his face in her boobs

Really he might be looking like he is being forced to do this but I think he secretly loves it. There is nothing he loves better than being smothered and facesat by a hot older mature milf!

facesitting milf smothering guy

The hot dom milf knows how to get total submission from this guy. He will do anything that pleases this milf – and she enjoys it. She just wants to smother this guy in her boobs then face sit him. I bet all dom milfs that are hot just want a chance to do this too.

tattooed guy is being face sat

Even with all his tattoos and hard look he is no match against this milf who wants to use him and abuse him!

Click any of the pics to go to a gallery with more pics of the milf + that guy.

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Hello world!

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Naked MILF facesitting a guy

Today we have a post with this hot blonde MILF babe completely naked face sitting a clothed guy. Kinda like clothed-male-naked-female (or cmnf) ;). Well cmnf combined with facesitting the guy! She gets on top of this guy while she is naked and forces him to endure her ass and pussy as she puts her whole weight on his face. These photos show how she is completely naked and she looks like she is enjoying every second of it!

naked milf face sitting a clothed guy

While she is completely naked and he is forced to just lie there on the floor she gets completely on top of him and puts her whole naked weight on him – and with most of that weight on his face. This MILF is really turning me on with her sexy nakedness and being completely naked while facesitting him.

naked milf face sitting a clothed guy

This naked milf loves facesitting guys while they have their clothes on. I don’t know why she loves it but she does! It must be fun for the guy too to be smothered with her naked pussy right in his face and nothing he can do about it. He can’t even have a play with her !

naked milf face sitting a clothed guy

Click any image to see a gallery with more of this sexy naked milf facesitting the guy on the floor. These pics are from beneath

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