Big Boobed Pretty MILF Face Sitting A Guy and Smothering Him With Her Feet

This big boobed blonde gal is a really hot MILF – take a look at the photo below to see what I mean. She is a smart and sexy milf and today shes got her ‘victim’ to smother and play with! She does some really hot stuff with him including face sitting him and making him sniff her panties while shes on his face, and then smothering him with her her feet over his face. I bet he loves her milf feet over his face.

sexy blonde big boob MILF who is face sitting a guy

There she looks all innocent (photo above) and like she wouldn’t harm a fly. But when she has a guy to play with that all changes and she turns into a total bitch. All she really wants is her feet to be worshiped by his face and to be able to face sit this guy.

sexy blonde big boob MILF who is face sitting a guy

She starts off by making sure her pussy is on his face – but she doesn’t want to give him too much fun so she keeps her panties on. Her sexy milf legs and feet are stretched over the guys body while he lies down on the floor.

sexy blonde big boob MILF who is face sitting a guy

The milf then has some fun by face sitting him some more and putting herself right in his face.

MILF face foot smothering

Now comes the foot smothering – putting her feet all over his face and making him worship her sexy MILF feet! I love MILF feet – and I think secretly this guys loves mature feet too.

milf feet on sub slaves face

Her sexy milf feet with her painted red toe nails look great as she is forcing him to be smothered by them.

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Two Naked MILFs Facesit a Naked Guy being Forced to lie on the floor (3sum facesitting!)

Ok got a treat for you now from – two really hot MILFs are naked and they are playing with their toy. Their toy being a naked guy who is about to be forced to be facesat. This is a hot facesitting 3sum. I love it when two girls get naked an facesit a guy. Its so much more interesting when theres two asses to sit on the face of the guy!

To see the full gallery of these two sexy mature milf ladies facesitting a guy view the gallery here or just click any of the pics.

two naked milf girls about to face sit a guy

Here the two girls are about to ready up for their double team facesitting fun. They love facesitting and they probably love it even more when they are doing naked facesitting with another girl with them to do the ‘sitting with!

two naked milf girls about to face sit a guy

Here you can see these sexy milfs babes naked and facesitting the guy. They are lying on a bed and totally humiliating this guy. The only thing this guy can do is lie down and listen to what they tell him they are going to do to him. He seems to be lying there ok though so he must really be loving being forced to be facesat 😉

two naked milf girls about to face sit a guy

Now it looks like they are just having fun torturing this guy! They are sat completly naked on his chest with her ass on him. Her ass cheeks must feel great on him. Imagine what he is going through!

two naked milf girls about to face sit a guy

Now they are set out to completely facesit and destroy this guy. The two naked milfs are both wearing nothing and putting their whole weight on this guy.

two naked milf ladies smothering a submissive slave with their sexy big boobs

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Beneath A Mistress MILF wearing Stockings and Being Forced to Kiss Her Stockings and Panties

This babe MILF is a total mistress. She is dressed up in her stockings and small corset and really looks the part of a Mistress MILF! I think even if you just saw her out in public you can sense that she has a mistress-look about her! In this set this milf is about to smother and force a guy to kiss and worship her while she wears her nylon stockings.

mistress milf face sitting and face smothering

Here is a photo of what first looks like an awkward position for her but she is loving it and forcing her submissive guy to worship and do whatever she says. And it looks like he has no option but to comply with her. She is the type of mistress milf that gets respect when she orders her subs about!

mistress milf face sitting and face smothering

Here Mrs. Mistress MILF is making her guy have a faceful of boobs. He has earnt it but also MUST do it as she has requested. Mistress MILFs like this are some of the funnest milfs you can ever encounter. She is a really hot babe and a sexy milf who loves nothing more than face sitting.

mistress milf face sitting and face smothering

She just loves smothering his face with her legs and crotch. She is still wearing her clothes so it is clothed face sitting but thats so fucking hot. She loves to embarrass and humiliate the guy while she has loads of fun with him.

mistress milf face sitting and face smothering

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Hot MILF Forces Slave Guy To FaceSitting Session

Check out this hot babe facesitting this guy in a corner of the room. She loves doing some good facesitting sessions with guys like this. She is a bdsm bitch who love to dominate guys exactly like this. Facesitting is her life – she loves it and enjoy its. I am not sure if the guys always think the same with some of the looks on their faces. But this guy looks like really he loves being forced to be facesat.

Is facesat a word? It doesn’t look right.

facesitting milf doing some facesitting on a guy

This facesitting milf is wearing stockings and heels. I love it when facesitting mistresses wear sexy dom-type clothing like that. Her stockings and heels look great and make her look very sexy. This guy must be loving it. He loves it when a hot milf sits on his face.

facesitting milf doing some facesitting on a guy

Here she has her stockings and legs sread out and all over this guy. His arms are made to be spread out thanks to her legs and stockings keeping him in his place.

facesitting milf doing some facesitting on a guy

Now she makes him go in his corner and really sits on his face while he is sat up. The site this is from – beneath her – has loads of photos and videos just like this. They specialise in facesitting and a bit of facesmothering. Whatever your exact taste in this area chances are they’ll have loads of photos and videos of your exact dream scenario!

For more click the pics or go to the gallery here or just visit for full galleries and videos!

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Slim Facesitting MILF in pink stockings

This babe is a hot milf. She is wearing really really slutty clothes – not the type you can go for a walk in a park with! She is wearing some fishnet top thing and panties with stockings and heels. A bit like a stripper. This milf probably is a stripper in a milf strip club! She is hot so whatever! Anyway this hot milf is in today to do some facesitting with this guy.

milf about to facesit

She starts off by showing him what the goods are that are about to be sat on his face! By that i mean her sweet nice ass and pussy!

facesitting milf

Now the facesitting milf actually does some facesitting and gets her body right near his face. You can see his expression in this photo as she is about to facesit right on his face and put her whole weight on it. He WILL be facesat whether he likes it or not.

facesitting milf

Here she is leaning on this guy as he lies there completely naked and helpless to this facesitting babe.

facesitting milf

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Hot MILF in Pink Lying Down On a Guy and FaceSitting Him!

This hot milf has been lucky. She got her wish – a naked guy lying down on the floor so she can lie on top of him and put all her weight on his face. She is a really pretty and cute milf and exactly the type of milf you would want facesitting you. She knows how to facesit too. Its all about getting it just perfectly right – and she (just like most of the girls on gets it correct!

Here you can see the milf lying down on this guy while he is naked on the floor being facesat.

facesitting babe milf who is lying down on her victim

Of course sometimes she might feel like being a bit nice. Or maybe to get the guys hopes up. So she doesn’t spend the whole time facesitting him. I am sure he deserves a short break? (and by short I mean short!)

facesitting break

Her legs moved up and her ass moved back a bit so he has some breathing space! If you want to see the full gallery click any pic or click here to see more pics. You can also visit their main site.

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Dominating Bitch MILF Humiliates and Face Sits a Guy while has another sissy guy dress up as a girl behind her

This girl really gets what she wants. As well has having a guy humiliate himself behind her while he wears girls clothes (you can just about see them in the pics), she has a naked guy lie down on the floor as she completely humiliates him. She starts off by making sure she doesn’t talk. This milf knows how to face sit just like all the girls on

face sitting milf taking control of naked guy on the floor

I think that she has made sure when he face sits he WILL listen to this milf now. She is wearing panties, bra and nice sexy stiletto heels. She is one really sexy milf with a great body. She is a good looking milf about to face sit this guy – what else do you need in life :) ?

face sitting milf taking control of naked guy on the floor

She starts off by making sure her nice ass in in this guys face. Her ass on his face is probably all he wants right now but being the submissive guy he is along with the dominating MILF that she is it is a perfect match. Dominating sexy MILFs like this with their black hair are a force to be reckoned with especially when they love facesitting guys.

facesitting dominating milf lying down on naked guy using her heels on his cock to masturbatie him

Here is a photo of the dominating MILF lying with her ass on his face. She is lying coming on him with her whole weight on this submissive guy who loves to face sit. Although she is forcing him to be facesat by her. Do you like dominating milfs like this?

facesitting with her crotch in his head

Here is a photo of her face sitting this guy with her crotch and panties in his face.

Click any of the pics to see a gallery of this dominating milf or visit for more like this including the videos.

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